When It Happens By: Susane Colasanti

Senior Year there is too directions you can go: Stress about getting into Ivy League or Slack like you aren't going to be working at McDonalds 1 Week after you graduate and realize you lame exsitance isn't relavant.
Sara is Stressing to and extend where a blow torch to a calc book is a considerable opition. She's been waiting and waiting for Dave to call. All Summer. He's Beach Blonde and a jock what isn't great about that?
Tobey had or should I say has and forever will have a huge crush on Sara. But his slacking ways might shine thought and bite all chances with Sara in the ass. There is a good chance his charm wit and big blue eyes might save him. But what about Dave? Dave can't give Sara all the things Tobey can, right?

In this Binding, Eyes-Super-Glued to the Page romantic teen novel is fantastic and clever as it's dynamic characters. And if you happen to read this and I happen to see you I'll know you read this because your eyes will be carrying heavy luggage and blood-shot from reading this.
-Literary Lunch Attendiee
4.5 Stars

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Espana said...

This book is amazing because it has reality romance that you can imagine yourself in. I'm a huge twilight fan, but the thing about the twilight series is that there is not any hot, sexy, romantic,vampires in real life, but we can hope for these kind of romance come true because it can. That's what so good about this book, it makes you hope that this story will happen to you.