What a Wired World!

What are you doing sitting at home reading this on your old slow computer?!? You should stop on in and check out our new Teen Computers! We have six new computers with all the amenities of home including new Microsoft Office 2007! Check us out during the hour of the Yellow Room! Hear some good music, check out some cool materials, and hop on the new computer.


Trekkies Rejoice!!!

Captains Log 25.3: It seems as though we have come into the Teen Area. We have gone in search of a good book to read for the long space trips. We had found plenty of great story's here before and hope to discover more. After looking around, we came across a new display. It was a Star Trek Theme Display! We could not believe our eyes! We sent a Transmission to all people inviting everyone to come check out the display! Get here quick because the books are flying off the shelves at Warp Speed!