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Have you ever wanted to pick what was played on the radio? Think you have something important to tell the world? Or do you just want to send out a few laughs and play some good tunes? Well if this is you, then now is your chance to do it. The Teen Area is going to Run a Radio Show as part of Teen Tech Week from March 3rd -5th. This will be broadcast on WHHS 99.9FM, a real radio station! So if you just want to play some music, or you want to know what it takes to make a radio show run, then sign up and tune in at the front desk!


Fake Boyfriend by Kate Brian

Fake Boyfriend -written by kate brian
Vivi and Lane are two friends that are tried of watching, Isabelle, their best friend, the amigo go in---and out and back into a relationship with a loser [who has publicly shown his true colors, vomit in the crayola-term]. In order to forever rid her of "The Wrong One", they create the "Right One". They create a perfect cyberspace boy for Isabelle. While dispensing relationship advice, Lane secretly loves her best friend-sandbox bud Curtis, but won't say a word to him. While Vivi falls for the boy they pay to be Isabelle's boyfriend so hard. Love comes with a price, and now it's time for Isabelle, Lane, and Vivi to pay up.
This book had an good idea for a plot but the ending was a little superfically and foresable
2 stars


Your Favorite Authors: Pulse Blogfest

Your Favorite Authors.
Your Questions Answered.
An Event You'll Never Forget.
March 14-27, 2008
Submit questions now via the Pulse Blogfest MySpace page!
Authors include:
Kim Antieau, March Aronson, Avi, Lauren Baratz-Logsted, Lauren Barnholdt, Hilari Bell, Franny Billingsley, Holly Black, Robin Brickman, Christian Burch, Melvin Burgess, Niki Burnham, Deb Caletti, Janet Lee Carey, Cassandra Clare, Rachel Cohn, Rhody Cohon, Susan Cooper, Melissa de la Cruz, Stacia Deutsch, Cheryl Diamond, Frances Dowell, Erin Downing, Sharon M. Draper, Kathleen Benner Duble, Kathleen Duey, Clare B. Dunkle, Jennifer Echols, Thomas Fahy, Susan Fletcher, E.R. Frank, Lorie Ann Grover, Randi Hacker, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Pete Hautman, Julie Hearn, Karol Ann Hoeffner, Nancy Holder, Ellen Hopkins, James Howe, Jeffrey W. Johnston, Cynthia Kadohata, Ronald Kidd, Annette Curtis Klause, Chris Krovatin, Nancy Krulik, Evan Kuhlman, Dakota Lane, Hope Larson, Richard Lewis, Julie Linker, Greg Logsted, D. Anne Love, Whitney Lyles, D.J. Machale, Eric Marcus, Amanda Marrone, Kelly McClymer, Lisa McMann, Kai Meyer, Sarah Miller, Annabel Monaghan, Kate Morgenroth, Taylor Morris, Donna Jo Napoli, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, J. Adams Oaks, Ken Oppell, James A. Owen, Bronwen Pardes, Staton Rabin, Deborah Reber, Randi Reisfeld, Ashley Rhodes-Courter, Paul Ruditis, Alex Sanchez, Elizabeth Scott, Gloria Skurzynski, Brian Sloan, Tom Sniegoski, Sonya Sones, Todd Strasser, Wendy Toliver, Roderick Townley, Kristen Tracy, Adrienne Maria Vrettos, Matt Whyman, Bil Wright, Janet Ruth Young