How to Ruin My Teenage Life

While most 17-year-olds are a little unreasonable with there demands Amy Nelson-Barak:
-rid self of self-absorbed boy next door
-try to wrap head around mom and step-dad Marc "with a c" reproducing
-get dad a girlfriend
-get Avi {personal man servan/lover boy} out of Israel Army to be with her all hours of the day
-control Mutt in dog park {canines beware if youo get to close you may be humped to death}
-Regular sag-proof boobs
not so bad right?
read this for this flipping sweet review
love it for it's wit and mushy romantical interactions

The Breakup Bible

Title: The Breakup Bible
Author: Melissa Kantor
So what does one with a broken heart that could bleed for an ocean? Jessica Lewis knows exactly this feeling. Max, the so-called love of her life say they should "Just be Friends". Yeah it's true this wonderful editor-in-chief of the newspaper, dumped her. But friends and family pointing her love life in different directions one girl could get a tad confused. Then Grandmom gives her The Breakup Bible to help this mismatched teenager get her act back together. To find out what get her through the long hall with out her lover boy, you'll have to read this chick-lit.


Summer Reading Winners!

eCongratulations to our summer reading winners:
Shane Miller - Wii
Maria Aghazarian - Ipod Shuffle
Katie Shao - MP3 player
Brendan Spillane - MP3 player
Grace Kang - MP3 player
Sarah Fickling - Avon gift basket
Jack Meehon - Eragon DVD
Bob Barcoski - disposable camera
Meghan Rafter - radio/cd player
Zoe Graham - cd player


Cover Design Contest

Do you have what it takes to draw, paint or design a picture that really brings your favourite story to life?Piczo has partnered with top publisher Penguin and six of the coolest bands and musicians to let you do just that. This is your chance to design a cover for such classics as Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, Animal Farm, and others.Penguin asked a whole lot of famous musicians what their favourite books are, and then set them to work designing covers for each of their faves.



Eclipse - Finally! I couldn't put it down, but I never wanted it to end. This is Book 3 of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series.

Fast-moving, engaging story romance in which Bella has to make some difficult choices.


Enter Three Witches

Enter Three Witches by Caroline B. Cooney is a novelized version of Shakespeare’s MacBeth. It is narrated from the point of view of Lady Mary whose future is changed when her father is hanged for treachery and she becomes a maid in the household of the ruthless Lord and Lady Macbeth. Enjoyable reading.


You Never Know What You Can Make with . . .

You Never Know What You Can Make With Junk Mail
Join us on August 14 at 3 pm & find out!