Fake Boyfriend by Kate Brian

Fake Boyfriend -written by kate brian
Vivi and Lane are two friends that are tried of watching, Isabelle, their best friend, the amigo go in---and out and back into a relationship with a loser [who has publicly shown his true colors, vomit in the crayola-term]. In order to forever rid her of "The Wrong One", they create the "Right One". They create a perfect cyberspace boy for Isabelle. While dispensing relationship advice, Lane secretly loves her best friend-sandbox bud Curtis, but won't say a word to him. While Vivi falls for the boy they pay to be Isabelle's boyfriend so hard. Love comes with a price, and now it's time for Isabelle, Lane, and Vivi to pay up.
This book had an good idea for a plot but the ending was a little superfically and foresable
2 stars

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