Dead Connection

DEAD CONNECTION - A novel by Charlie PriceHe talks to the dead.The dead talk to him.Nikki is the cheerleader missing (presumed murdered) for months. Murray is the loner who talks to the dead residents of the town graveyard—and maybe hears Nikki's voice calling him. Six narrators—including Murray, the cop, the troubled witness, and perpetrator—drive this fast-paced thriller to a dramatic climax.


DO THE DEAD CRY?The wait of the dead was the loneliest thing Nikki could ever have imagined. Lonelier than thinking her friends were making fun of her. Lonelier than sitting by herself in the gym on a bottom bleacher while others danced. Maybe she could endure the loneliness if she wasn’t so angry—furious really. He took her and hid her and no one would ever know what had happened. No one would find her. And the years would move away like a train abandoning a station. The tracks becoming covered with weeds, disappearing, with no one to stop there again. Do the dead cry? Do they ache in sorrow? Do they weep in helpless frustration? You know they do.

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