Crafting a Green World

Take a look at this site for inspiration for our craft metamorphosis programs: Crafting a Green World features do-it-yourself projects that incorporate reused, recycled, and natural materials. Find knitting, sewing, crocheting, and other project ideas for eco-friendly and fashionable clothes, crafts, gifts and more.

Reminder: Craft Metamorphosis programs are on Wednesdays at 1:00.


Skye said...

Hi there, I'm Skye from Crafting A Green World. Thanks for the link! I'd love to find out more about your craft metamorphosis program and write about it on our blog. Let me know! skyekilaen@gmail.com

HTFLteens said...

Great! So far some of the programs have involved making paper beads from junk mail, jewelry (and keychains) from hardware, and items from duct tape (although duct tape isn't necessarily "green" unless you already purchased it for another reason).