Jessica Darling the Chronicles

The Series including:
Sloppy First
Second Helpings
Charmed Thirds
Fourth Comings
It's the story of Jessica Darling, she attends the high school that created the steroetype for a high school. Her life from Sophomore year to the year after college. Then her world is turned upside down when her best friend, Hope moves to Tennessee when her brother dies of a heroine overdose. To keep her friend close they use the TOTALLY GUILT-FREE GUIDELINES TO KEEPING IN TOUCH. email, phone, aim you know the deal. Making throught the school day is unbareable having to sit with the clueless crew at lunch to keep from being alone. Because being alone is like giving up, right? Then dealing with new and old friends she still manages to always be constant, at least in her writing, they are always blunt and marked with cinical witty and heart. A book well worth the read, no matter if you are in high school or college.
by: megan mccafferty

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